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ADHD is a common pediatric condition that causes significant amount of stress to both the child and the whole family. It is a condition that influences not only academics, but all aspects of life.

We offer extensive evaluation that includes the newest technology so that we can determine with highest accuracy if the child has ADHD or if symptoms may be caused by some other
comorbid conditions.

Our ADHD evaluation and treatment is offered to all children, not only patients in our practice. In order to determine if your child needs an ADHD evaluation or not, you should start with
exploring ADHD symptoms.

There are multiple excellent websites that provide very accurate and extensive information:

Additional Resources:

ADHD evaluation

Our ADHD evaluation is extensive as we try to arrive at a diagnosis that is as accurate as possible.

You can expect:

  1. Parent and child interviews
  2. Review of parent and teacher completed child behavior scales
  3. Review of past medical and school records
  4. Psycho-social assessment including family history
  5. Physical exam and blood work to rule out comorbid conditions and other test that may be
    needed based on the results (sleep study, hearing screening)
  6. Quotient test – one of the first objective measurements of symptoms of ADHD

After the initial evaluation you will meet with the physician and discuss the results and recommendations. If treatment with medication is warranted we will provide education, prescriptions and subsequent close follow up of effects and side effects of the therapy.

If you wish to schedule an appointment or have any questions please contact us at or call 718-858-4924.

As of 12/20/23, we ask for all patients to respond regarding the Patient Service Plan 2024[more info here]