August 17, 2022
Dear Heights Pediatrics families, Not long ago, we sent out a letter about Monkeypox. This week, after many questions from our parents, we will be covering what you need to know about the polio virus. As you may have heard, the first case of polio in over a decade was confirmed in Rochester County in NYS. Since then, the polio virus has been detected in sewage water samples collected in New York City. This tells us that there are a number of people infected with an asymptomatic polio infection in New York City. It is important to understand that the polio virus has been detected in sewage water- not drinking water. Because these are completely different systems, there is no need to worry that your kids could get infected from drinking tap water or bath water. A little more information about the polio virus can be found here: What is Polio?   Vaccines: The good news is that Polio is an almost 100% preventable disease. The polio vaccine is up to 99% effective after 3 doses. All of our patients that are up to date on their check ups are fully protected. If you have been keeping up with your child’s check ups, you can rest assured that your child is protected. The polio vaccine is usually administered at your baby’s 2, 4, and 6 month check up with a final dose at 4 years of age. Vaccinating ahead of schedule is not recommended. Recently, the city of London has recommended booster shots for all children. As far as we know, the Department of Health in NY is considering the same step but at the moment, boosters are not yet recommended. As soon as the booster is recommended (if it is in fact recommended), our practice will be ready to immunize all patients that are eligible. Please encourage anybody who you know that may not be immunized against polio to start the immunization process. Prevention by immunization is our best weapon against polio. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of treatment. Stay well, and we will continue to update you as we monitor the situation.   From, Your team at Heights Pediatrics

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